Autumn-Winter Wardrobe


When I took some of my autumn wardrobe out (storing seasons is a nicety, not a necessity in this climate) I didn’t tuck the summer away and ended up having most of my clothes out at once. I had also picked up a few new things at the charity shop. My wardrobe ended up chaotic and reminded me of why I do the Project 333 in the first place: less stress over getting dressed, knowing exactly what outfits I have for each occasion, and a simplified approach to maintaining the clothing.

After bringing in these new additions, I’ve donated a few more things, put some away for another season, and have put some into a thinking space to question whether I need them.

This (created in Polyvore) is my 333 for the next three months.

The Perfect Skirt



Last month, Honey spotted this skirt for me in the charity shop. I tried it on and knew that it was the skirt to replace all skirts. Before I bought it, I knew that I would donate my khaki green/brown skirt to make room for this one.

perfect linen skirt.jpg

There are so many reasons that this is the perfect skirt for me:

  • It is linen and a botanic print.
  • The tailoring makes it hold ‘an iron’ really well and the print hides any wrinkles that I may have missed.
  • The length and width mean that I can comfortably run up the stairs wearing it and even sit with my ankle over the other knee when sitting if I want. I can also bend down or crouch in it and stay completely decent.
  • It manages to pull off dressy with button shirts or blouses and dressy shoes or casual with a tee.
  • It has tan, black and white in it which means that my cold weather boots and my warm weather sandals will match. I have been wearing my blue boots with it paired with a blue blazer. It would even go well with flip flops.
  • All seasons, many shoe and shirt options, many moods, and one reliable skirt. Perfect.

Christmas Coasters


, ,

In the July gift-giving, I made Christmas themed coasters for my three siblings and parents. I used the criss-cross coasters pattern as usual. My parents have used their coasters since I brought them over (I should make them another set that’s seasonally appropriate so they can have something handmade by me around them) but I know my sisters have tucked them away to use with their holiday decorations.


Christmas Gifts (Gifted in July)

Toiletry bags sewn for ChristmasIn July, I handed my nieces and nephews their Christmas presents. I made a boxy pouch (using this tutorial) and filled them with toiletries we picked up from the Isle of Arran. I lined them all with a green fabric we had on the tables during our wedding and let them all know that. This was significant because they would soon be witnessing our marriage.

For our future reference, we gave the pirate to the 4th born, owl to the 2nd, camo to the 5th, map to the 3rd and batik to the 1st born.

Toiletry bags sewn for Christmas

Almond Joy Energy Bites


On Saturday night, I tried these dark chocolate coconut protein balls. They taste like Almond Joys. Most photos I post from now until April will likely be ‘evening’ shots since we have now entered the dark season.
I modified the recipe this way: instead of 1/4 C chia, I used 1/4C mixed chia and flax seeds; used 1Tb cocoa powder and 2Tb carob powder because I ran out of cocoa powder but enjoyed the depth of flavour and varied nutrients that result; unsweetened protein powder (sprouted rice). The balls I made are sweet enough with the honey and I think that using flavoured or sweetened protein powder would just be too much.

Next time, I’ll make a double batch.

Renewed Jacket for Honey



Last year’s Honey’s jacket started to show signs of wear. It didn’t seem urgent last year but came to that point recently.

Over the weekend, Honey and I visited our fabric stash looking for inspiration and she immediately pulled out a floral, paisley black and pink print. I’ve had this fabric in my stash for years (I also have a mumu on the same fabric that my mom made in the late 70s or early 80s) and never quite found the perfect project for it. It caught Honey’s eye and she said that it would look great with the beige. I was inspired by her enthusiasm and set to work. I trimmed the fraying areas, sewed a long patch onto the back and then recreated half of a cuff with the fabric.

Since she got this jacket just as we began dating, it reminds me of our first fall and winter together and now love it even more with the vintage fabric added!





A year after bringing these curtains back home from the US, they are hanging in our parlour and bedroom. The hook we needed was impossible to buy in the UK so it took another trip back to the states and my dad’s quick run to the store to pick up what we needed. These curtains are thickly lined, lovely orange, and are the ones that hung in our living room each winter when I was a child. 20141012-184245.jpg

20141012-184310.jpgI am thrilled to have them here in our home.



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