Moving On


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I started this cabled cardigan in March. March 2013, that is! I started it immediately after receiving my copy of Crochet at Play and it travelled to the US with me for holiday last year.

When I arrived, I realised that I hadn’t brought any additional yarn with me, so it sat. When we came back home, I worked on it casually.

I tried to complete it to gift to several people over the summer. Each time I had the clear intent of giving it away, I could not find it. It reappeared in October and I realised that I needed to keep it. I finished crocheting it and knitted the Pebble vest from a different colourway.

Both have sat in my drawer since then; complete and blocked but avoided. I finally dug them both out and sewed on the buttons. It is time to move on.


Lost on an Island



After I booked a long weekend off work, Honey started to make secret plans. She took us away to the Isle of Arran and planned the perfect balance of adventure and time to go with our whims: from organised trail rides and spa treatments to hanging out in our B&B listening to Wicked before bed and goofing around on the mini golf course. I put my phone on flight mode for the weekend (it still served as a camera during several activities) and the more we lost ourselves in the weekend, the more we found.

I recorded a few soundscapes from the weekend, linked here. Starting with the overwhelming chatter of the crowded ferry (matching my thoughts over the past few weeks), moving on to the calm found in moments along the way. The birds on Fisherman’s Walk in Brodick, the clip clip of the horses, the waves, and the babbling birds and creek along Glen Dubh all fill my memories and will serve as reminders of calm.


Tahini Fudge: Mouthfuls of Bliss



This is a public service announcement: if you have never made tahini fudge, stop what you are doing and make it immediately!

I found a recipe on elephant journal and used honey instead of maple syrup (that stuff is expensive here!) and it was amazing.
Seriously, I made it on a Thursday night and went to bed while it set. I woke up on Friday morning and had a piece. I then thought about it all day.

Since this has a coconut oil and tahini base, it must stay in the fridge until you’re ready to eat it. Unfortunately, this means that it doesn’t transport well to share with friends despite your (predicted) ravings about it. Then again, maybe you’ll be pleased that you can’t share!

Nuts About Soapnuts


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Although I’ve made homemade laundry detergent several times over the years, it is just too hard to find the right ingredients near us. Borax is no longer carried in regular supermarkets and plain soap is difficult to find. On top of that, I have come close to breathing in soap dust too many times after grating it for mixing. I’ve tried both dry and liquid homemade detergents. Now, we’ve found something even better: soapnuts. I’m even prouder to say that Honey initiated this one!

We ordered our bag from Salveo Wellness and have been using them happily for about three weeks. They are so easy to use: put a few shells into a muslin bag and chuck that in the washing machine. Your clothes come out smelling clean and fresh without sickly perfumes. If you like your laundry to smell like something other than fresh air, Honey has added some essential oils to the wash a few times and that works fine.
After years of choosing chemical-free body products, I am glad to have gone back to chemical free laundry.

Bags and Bags of Bulbs!


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On Friday after work, I brought a pack of wildflower seeds across the street to neighbours. I had found an envelope from our wedding favours and thought they would like them. They had been about to come across and ask if I wanted any snowdrops. They were converting an area of their garden and were sharing the bulbs out. After I had a bag, they said that they were going to have to ditch the rest but didn’t want to. I said that I would take more and share them with people, so I left with two bags.

I was also sent away with a clump of wood anemone that had been hidden under another plant and some other bulbs that I was told may be lilies.

Before I started to plant, I knocked on doors to see if others wanted any. The little farmer from next door helped me with this. We managed to share bags of snowdrops with six other neighbours!
When we returned from those deliveries, I found yet another bag of bulbs with a note saying that it contained bluebells and daffodils! Now, I have a few daffodils out front but have been thinking about how I would like some in the back. Similarly, I’ve thought about how long it would take the current clump of snowdrops to grow enough to spread around the yard. And bluebells? Well, I love them! My goal is to fill the front yard with a succession of bulbs and herbs and to stage a woodland-type area under the tree in the back.

My young neighbour and I planted a few things in the back and then he headed headed home. I continued to plant the bulbs out front and in the back and we now have a much more balanced ‘woodland’ area. I can’t wait to see how it develops!
I was very thankful to receive such an amazing gift from neighbours and to be able to share some with others. The surprise that met us from some neighbours tells me that there needs to be a bit more sharing that goes on in this area so I look forward to the next thing we can spread around!



Vintage Bedding



We picked up this beautiful vintage sheet and duvet cover set at a charity shop in Llandudno, Wales when we were down for New Years. I love the charity shops down there. Honey spotted them thinking they were for a single bed and we could sew with them, but they are doubles in perfect shape!

The sheet and cover are so old that they’re the Marks and Spencer’s brand St. Michael from when things were actually made in the UK. We’re so happy to be giving these a loving home.



What’s Growing



Happy March! This month can never come soon enough for me because winter in Scotland is HARD. We finally leave the house in the morning and leave work at night (leaving on time) in the light. Over the month of February, we gained two hours of daylight.

Because of this drastic change in light, things are springing to life. The seedlings we planted last week are getting off to a good start…

and some things have reappeared in the garden.




spinach beet

We put up the greenhouses (we have a bonus one!) this weekend and are looking forward to filling them up with the more delicate crops of eggplant, cucumber, and peppers.

new greenhouses

Gosh, I love spring bulbs!

I have decided to start proactively rooting cuttings from plants. My mom and dad have a wonderful kitchen windowsill that is constantly occupied by jars of things sprouting and rooting and that is my inspiration for expanding our garden and house plants. I plan on taking cuttings of our lavender, sage and rosemary to add to our aging bushes so I thought I would try first with two incidental plants.

My neighbour has a tall plant with yellow flowers and has told me that I can take cuttings when it is in bloom, so I snipped some to root instead in hopes that we can plant it under our tree. I also took some cuttings of ivy. Although I head off the ivy as it creeps into our yard each year, it is on the NASA top ten list for indoor plants (I’m working to collect them all) so I thought I’d try bringing it in! I put some honey at the bottom of the jar to dip the exposed stem in as I added each cutting, and then just topped it up with water.


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