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On Saturday when we ran errands, Honey spotted a table at the charity shop that she thought would fit perfectly in the kitchen.  While we eat at this table in the living room, we’ve wanted something for the kitchen to occasionally sport computers doubling as radios, cookbooks, video conferencing equipment, or dvd players.  With its leaves down our new table is the perfect one for this job and, expanded fully, it will be perfect to pull into the living room when we have guests over.  This means we can probably leave the plastic garden table outside for Thanksgiving!

In the shop, we decided we would take it and instantaneously laughed at the thought that we’d have to carry it home, checked with one another, and then paid.

Now we get to the part in the story that shows why Honey is awesome.  Not only is she happy to carry a table with me for a mile, she is willing to enjoy an al fresco meal at the newly acquired table during that walk home!

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