First Serious Pattern Use

For my birthday recently, I purchased two simplicity sewing patterns. I figured simple top (#4177) and trousers (#4023) patterns would start me off on the right foot. In the past week and a half (how’s that for productivity/slacking in my other duties!), I’ve sewn three shirts I’m pretty happy with. If nothing else, I have three new tops proudly crafted from charity shop duvets and sheets (except for the tiny fruit sleeves, which were from my stash), and have learned a bit more about edging and hemming rounded necks. In terms of the pattern, I modified the short sleeves a bit, since the cotton fabric (although recommended) made a stiffer, awkward looking sleeve. To fix this, I gathered it on the outer edge and made a sort of puff/cap-sleeve. Unfortunately, this image has ‘broken’ over time on my blog. On the second shirt (the fruit one) I even got brave enough to stitch in a few lines of “decorative” stitching with my basic sewing machine.




  1. Hi, found you by checking out my sitemeter and saw that someone had clicked over!

    If you are interested in folks seeing your blog, you should submit to a few carnivals. If you go to the blog carnival homepage and look through all the carnivals out there, there are quite a few on thriftiness and crafting that it looks like your future articles might match up with.

    Also commenting on other folks blogs frequently causes people to pop over and check out your blog.

    Good luck! And nice shirts.

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