Crochet and Quilting on the Go

I am jacked up on too much chai and report editing, so I can no longer concentrate on my morning’s editing and have the desire to work on all my projects at once…Which is, of course, impossible but at least it makes for a varied post! I currently have a charity shop wool sweater in the machine for felting. I’ve never actually felted anything before, and this sweater has been sitting in my yarn stash for at least 6 months waiting for its debut. I checked it after one cycle and it didn’t shrink as much as I thought it would, but it certainly started to felt. I popped it in for another cycle, a bit uneasy about the ridiculous amount of energy the process is using. Its tossing and turning in a 60 C cycle, where I usually wash everything in 30 C…(although if I had it my way, I’d get rid of the British machine in favour of an American one, so I could wash my laundry on coldĀ at 50 F!).

Aside from the felting, I’m also dividing most of my time between a stash busting cardigan, and a patchwork quilt. The cardigan is Crochetme’s Sweet Sweater, a schema that I’ve used multiple times and adore. If you crochet and haven’t heard of the magazine or used the ‘pattern’ before, it allows you to make a sweater in any size, using any stitch and yarn!

Handmade crochet yolk for Icelandic crochet cardigan in blues and cream.

What’s been taking up a lot of my time (though my progress wouldn’t show it), is a green patchwork quilt. The only thing, is that its missing some squares, so it may be a while before its complete, especially since I’m on row 4 of 13. This will be the first time I attempt a patchwork as an adult- having only created for dolls or helped my mom, as a child. Like so many other things at the moment it will be a learning experience. I am thoroughly enjoying learning- especially since the coming year will probably only yield analytical learning, when I begin to write up my research. But for now, learning (in various incarnations) is everything.

Fabric squares of various green patterns cut and sewn into strips for handmade quilt.

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