Reconsidering my Wardrobe: Wardrobe Refashion

I just found this excellent blog post at True Stitches about a t-shirt’s ecological footprint talking about the incomplete life cycle that manufactured clothing has.

These discarded pieces of clothing – perhaps even after years of love in some cases- are my current inspiration. In fact, I cleared through my wardrobe today, searching for items to mend and to assess everything. Interestingly, even after only a few weeks of thinking in a wardrobe refashion frame of mind, I got excited when I withdrew 3-4 garments from the closet. Usually, items like this get donated, or turn into rags, for these said garments have not been seriously worn (perhaps as pajamas or around the house in a pinch) in several months if at all. However, I surged with excitement when realising they were now simply pieces of fabric full of potential for me to refashion! This is hopefully where their life cycles will take further steps towards completion.

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