Two Refashioned Tees

I refashioned two tees this week. The first one was a huge tourist shirt that said “Wild and Wooly Scotland” that I just couldn’t pass up at the charity shop.  At first, I thought I would embellish it by adding yarn trailing from the sheep, onto a crochet hook, and then decided against detracting from the image. I also planned on making puff sleeves, but after tailoring the body and trying it on, I quite liked the unfinished feel of the sleeves – it reminded me of a vacation shirt from childhood. They ended up getting hemmed, but at the fantastically loose angle which, for me, harks back to summer beaches. I also decided to forego hemming the bottom. The sleeves and bottom may be changed at a later date, but for now, I felt the need to break free from up-tight t-shirts, to make myself break the rules. Also, I might be able to find some ribbon to match, and could add that if I decide to refashion it later on!

Scotland wild and woolly t-shirt

I also found a great pair of cords this week for £1…the best part is they already fit perfectly and I didn’t have to re-fashion/re-size them in anyway! (You can see them in the photo with a stenciled shirt I made a few weeks ago. I used contact paper, since I can’t find freezer paper in the UK. Since everyone raves about it though, I’ll have to stock up on my trip to the US this summer!) Excuse the wrinkles, please.

Stencilled shirt with hot air balloon

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