Filet Crochet Challah Cover and Other Projects

June has swept in and left me yearning for warmth, sunshine and summer. We’ve had one and a half days of sunshine so far this month, and it has left me, once again, following each whim. I am going to post a sort of ‘tossed salad’ of project photos- the majority of them remaining incomplete as I type. Since I will be going on a month’s holiday at the end of the month, it is my goal to complete all current crochet and knitting projects and deplete my stash as much as possible.

The filet crochet is a challah cover I designed for my best friend for her ordination- my first thread work, and my largest crochet endeavour. I am so very proud of this! I swatched with the thread I had, figured out how wide it would need to be, and then designed it on graph paper.

Handmade challah cover in filet crochet

handmade challah cover in filet crochet

Orange knitting for sweater vest from sirdar pattern

The orange sweater vest, using a Sirdar pattern, is an attempt at a knit garment. I have been working on it since March, and am hoping it will be done in time for autumn wear- I must be the slowest knitter in the world. The problem, is that I find crocheting endlessly more enjoyable- to engage my creativity when necessary and for an activity when sitting around talking with friends. Thus, the knitting is often abandoned after a few rows.

Handmade crochet Icelandic cardigan in blues and cream.

The cardigan I posted about the other week should be done in a few days, although it may take a while to weave in the ends. I am still fascinated by how much more slowly a DK weight yarn takes than an Arran. I am getting adventurous and pondering a garment in 4-ply one day- though obviously crochet, since knitting takes me too long in any weight.

Edited to add: Here is the completed crochet cardigan.


  1. I love that cardigan! Are you using a particular pattern? Would love to make one for myself. I like how the yoke looks like fair isle.

    • Thank you! Apologies for the long delay in responding- I did not know how to respond to comments when I began this blog! The cardigan is the Sweet Sweater from crochetme.

  2. Oh my, I love that Challah cover. Would you perhaps share 5he p@ttern as I’ve been looking for something elegant for my Shabbat t@ble.


    • Hi Keila,

      I’m not sure how to go about sharing it! I don’t have time to chart it out and a photo of the graph would just be the same as looking at the finished object. I’m also having problems getting the WordPress app to upload photos at all just now. Sorry!

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