Easy Pattern is Too Difficult!

Simplicity’s ‘It’s So Easy’ is apparently a bit too hard for me at the moment! While sewing the trousers (4023) for the first time, I happily – and securely – sewed both ‘front’ halves together at the side and did the same with the back. Oops! I evidently can’t handle two legs and tried to make it for one leg/a skirt…Ah, the joys of being too distracted to do academic work…Off I go to unpick the very sturdy seams.

I managed to unpick and quickly sew the front to the back as intended…and then two seams later, realised I had goofed again!…Clearly, there are some days when completed sewing isn’t in the forecast.

As you can see from the photo, the tubes and open areas are in the opposite locations! 

Vintage sheet sewing for trousers

On a happier note, I recently photographed my yarn stash for cataloguing and inspiration, and I found some great things at the charity shop the other day. I have never found any sort of interesting notions at nearby shops, but in Edinburgh the other day, I came across some exciting things. Of course the haul is not as impressive as I see from U.S. thrift shops, but its the best I’ve found in the UK (besides on the Isle of Arran where I got a bagful of knitting needles for 10p a pair)! 

Notions picked up at the charity shop


  1. Great blog! Just wanted to point out, I once made a pair of Simplicity “It’s so Easy” trousers for myself when I was younger. I carefully followed the instructions right to the end, went to try them on – and realised I’d sewn shut the fly. It’s OH so easy to make the tiniest mistake with these patterns!!


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