Crochet Throughout My Childhood

I’m back after a month in the US with my family, though I would’ve loved to stay much longer. While at my parents’ house, I looked through old family albums and was surprised to realise during just how much of our childhood we were surrounded by crochet items. Aside from my mom’s crochet rag rugs, coasters and a few cluster stitch blankets laying around, I never quite appreciated the fact that many of our baby jackets and hats were crocheted as well, though apparently they have come from a phantom crocheter.  I found a photo of me quite young, wearing a pastel rainbow jacket I had used on my dolls as a child, and even though most doll clothing previously belonged to my sister or me, I never thought that jacket had been large enough to be anything but doll clothing. Looking closer, I realised that there was a nice shell/scalloped edging around the hood and that the body was probably loop stitch. Viewing the jacket now as a crocheter, I was also seeing it for the first time. When I asked my mom where it came from, she told me it had been a gift…and then I kept on the lookout for other crochet stitches or items I had never really been aware of.

Maybe I’m excited about these crochet things because I know that many of them were items we got a lot of use out of, but I think its due to my increasing awareness and respect of the skill levels that can be reached in crocheting. The infinite complexity that crocheting can offer you if you choose to go beyond simple stitches and rhythms, is what I see as a challenge and adventure. And perhaps I hold these treasured photos as proof and also a reminder to myself when working in a knitting dominant store in a knitting dominant country, that crocheting really can be beautiful and amazing.

Besides this additional layer of crochet love that has developed (maybe because I brought nothing other than a simple scarf project with me to the US?), I’ve also returned from the trip with some “hand me up” clothing from my little sister, and some clothes and fabric my parents were going to get rid of. My partner and I also cleaned out our closets today, so my stack of repair clothing and refashioning items is once again high! It is in this vein that I’m undertaking another wardrobe refashioning pledge for six months, and a no-buying-yarn pledge for four months. Since I have a fair amount of necessary clothing at the moment, I’d like to begin to crochet classic wardrobe pieces, and sew more gifts for people.

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