Calaveras Para Relajar Mi Calavera (o Mente)

A skull to relax my skull.

I’ve been MIA for quite a while now since my thesis has taken over my life. Finally, my year and a half in La La Land (aka doing fieldwork) has come to an end and I now spend my days trying to put everything into words. I’ve been crocheting many large projects and just needed something small to feel semi-accomplished with, so last night I decided that I needed a calavera for when Dia de los Muertos comes…particularly since I’ll be in seminars all day and cannot tend to an altar…

It’s my first real attempt at embroidering since writing words on my high school backpack and I tried out the bullion stitch and French knot for the first time. The French knots aren’t the most consistent in terms of size, but I’m happy with them for a first go. I’m still trying to figure out what colours or shapes it needs to be finished, and whether or not I’ll add beads, but here is a long-awaited post-with-photo.

I worked it on the wrong side of fleece, and am glad I didn’t chose felt, because it would’ve been very stretched out by now. I plan on sewing and stuffing it to make a little pin.

Handmade embroidered fleece skull for day of the dead

Another thing that is taking up my non-thesis time, is Ravelry! If you knit or crochet, check it out at Its currently still in beta stage, but it is wonderful: you can search for patterns and see everyone’s changes/variations; search by tag to be inspired; organise your project with photos, hook/needle size and comments, and just generally waste time marveling at all the wonderful pieces of art which people have created!

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