Crafting for Celebrations and Gifts

Things I’ve celebrated recently:


Handmade beaded star necklace for Halloween1. Halloween – made this necklace for a total of £1.57. Purchased a bag of clasps and the glass beads, the hematite stars were free. Had there been silver clasps available anywhere, I would’ve splurged on them, but I’m really happy with it. I wore it the day before and on Halloween, surprising myself every few times I looked in the mirror as the stars caught and reflected light. To me, it looks like they’re just sparkling with magic! I’m also thinking about wearing them for bonfire night, to mimic the fireworks.

2. I left my job at the shop, and now have free Saturdays, and Wednesdays can also be devoted to my thesis-writing-activities.


3. My four colleagues who received scarves as thank yous (for allowing me into their organisation and carrying out my fieldwork), all seem to really like their gifts. It was very satisfying watching each person unwrap and then try on their scarf, listening to the various expressions of delight and knowing that my time was well spent! It was the best way I could think of returning some of the warmth and comfort they’ve offered me over the past year and a half as I learned from them.

Now, I’m focusing all my crochet efforts on finishing a star baby blanket. A friend is due at the end of October, and I’ve been slow in finishing it. At first, I decided I would make it squared, with edging much like the bobble scarf above, but since I was using a yarn that had recently been discontinued, I had no way of purchasing more (though I’m still on that yarn restriction anyway!) , and realised after two starts that I would never have enough. So I switched to the star blanket and am so happy with its progress, the lack of yarn for the previous project must’ve been meant to be!


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