Crocheted Blanket, Shrug and Beanie

I’m in my third of a 4-month pledge to not purchase any yarn, but as scary as it is, I’ve decided to keep it going until more projects are completed. Also, these can’t just be crochet projects- I need to finish the orange sweater vest (posted about in the Summer) that I’ve been working on for close to a year.

The baby blanket was for a friend due at the end of October and while weaving in the ends was boring, I’m very happy with the mixture of textures in the final product! Edited to add: The star pattern I used is no longer available but I have since used this star rug pattern several times.


Handmade crochet star blanket

Handmade crochet star blanket

For the shrug, I began by figuring out how wide I would need to make fabric to wrap around both my wrists and by biceps. Then, I created a long cabled rectangle that was as wide as my biceps but long enough to reach from one wrist, across my back to the other. After that, I stitched the arms closed to become a basic shrug and then crocheted in the round around the opening (where my body goes). I tried it on several times until I was happy with the length down my back and with the collar. purple crochet cabled shrug

The last project, is a simple beanie that a friend requested- it has been my train-travelling project. I’ve written directions for crochet hats or rugsSimple handmade grey crochet beanie hat


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