Recycling Options

I just came across Co-op America’s list of ’21 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Recycle’…and while the list of things I didn’t know is much smaller, I’m particularly excited about the light bulbs at Ikea (number 6) and the idea of the toothbrushes. It is a US-focused list but a mobile phone recycler, for instance, is easily found anywhere I’d suspect. Various organizations certainly compete for our old mobiles in the UK. Back to the toothbrushes, a company called Recycline (located near my alma matter, it turns out) allows you to purchase recycled toothbrushes and return theirs for later recycling. Too bad regular toothbrushes cannot be collected, but it doesn’t seem difficult to get in on the cycle. I’m guessing that since they’re made in the US, if you purchase them there, (my current toothbrush, I just checked, was made and purchased here in the UK) the shipping still comes out better because of the post-consumer content!

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