Couldn’t Wait for Spring

I had some left over yarn form the hackey sack I crocheted for Christmas and have been drooling over the nice teal colour ever since. Also, I think I have a bit of spring fever which really is a shame since tomorrow only brings February! Anyway, I was too excited about the colour and a pattern that was what I wanted, so I started working Eva’s Shawl…With the hook and yarn combination, I’m getting a nice, soft, drapey and even springy fabric. I’m pretty happy with it and wonder how far the 90 or so grams will get me before I have to buy another ball. The fact that I probably will need to buy some extra yarn was supposed to be my rationale for not beginning any new projects until the 15 or so started/queued were done. I guess if its only one ball I have to purchase and I come out of it with an entirely new ‘garment’, then I can justify it. Though perhaps it’s only the colour speaking!

Handmade crochet shawl in teal cotton; Eva's Shawl pattern.

Edited to add: Here’s a photo of the completed shawl. I’ve also used the same pattern for a Mother’s Day shawl, a green shawl for my sister, and a wool shawl for my November wedding.



  1. Thanks! I’m using a 4-ply cotton (UK terms) and its light enough for what I’m hoping will be early spring wear. Not too sure where to get really laceweight yarn otherwise.

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