Hand-Me-Downs from a Stranger

I scored a bag of clothes from freecycle yesterday which is really cool for a couple of reasons:

  • it was from freecycle
  • there were some styles of clothes that I would never think to buy/make myself but are wardrobe ‘staples’ and might come in handy (a black dress)
  • I now have hand-me-downs from a complete stranger.

On the drive home, it struck me that while I was taking a whole bag home to sort through, I hadn’t even met the person handing over the collection, since her partner answered the door. I’ve sorted through hand-me-down bags from older sisters, cousins, and neighbours knowing the person and what styles of clothing will be in the bag. With this bag, each layer held surprises as I began to piece together a fictional idea of what the former owner may have been like. It was sort of like going through an archive with drawings of clothing but no pictures of the owner, or even a museum display circa early 2000s…Maybe its just the anthropologist in me, but I thought it was a neat experience trying on everything and deciding what was definitely me, what could be me, and what needed to be altered first.

Last weekend I also picked up a much needed pair of neutral jeans to wear to the department- ones that aren’t too scruffy- and a long sleeve shirt to refresh my ailing supply of suitable long sleeves. With this new outfit and the bag of clothes, my next project will be paring down my wardrobe.

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