spring blossoms

While I spent most of March writing a thesis chapter, I have been working on a few projects and refashions. I’m almost finished Eva’s shawl, just in time for some actual spring sunshine (now, spring warmth is another issue) and may wear it to an upcoming birthday party.

evashawllarger shawlstitches

I’ve discovered that knitting on bamboo needles doesn’t irritate me as much as knitting on metals tends to do after a few rows. The project also slips off the needles less frequently, so I am not embarrassed to say that I’ve started another knitting project even though a similar one is a current disaster sitting in the naughty-chair. The orange sweater-vest I’ve been making threw me another mistake (This time I’m blaming the knitting, not myself!) and I’m deciding whether I should try and get it back on track, or just rip back and start over. As for the new knitting, I’ve started the “Merino Stripes Mitered Vest” and hope it turns out well. So far, its actually enjoyable to work on. I attribute this not only to the bamboo needles, but to the fact that its all garter stitch! I’m using Wendy Orinoco, which was scored for me at a coffee morning (if you’re not from the UK, think church/synagogue spaghetti dinner crossed with a garage sale). Worked up, it is reminding me a lot of a faded pair of jeans, so I might look for some jean-y type metallic buttons to finish it off…If I succeed at this one! I’m also – gasp- knitting a spring scarf, since I don’t have enough to crochet one, but I’ll add photos if I end up getting anywhere with it.


I’ve refashioned a pair of jeans that I had been wearing cuffed. They were beginning to feel saggy, daggy and only for ‘at home’ wear. I guess I just got tired of the cuff. Since the cuff was so worn in, I used that as a fold and cutting line for alterations. I then trimmed off the un-necessary bit, pinned it into place and sewed a new bottom hem. Since I didn’t want to risk breaking my non-denim needle, I didn’t tuck the raw ends in, but used iron on fabric fuse to stop fraying inside. It took about 10 minutes total, not counting the iron heating up, and I’m very happy with the result. They feel much lighter, cleaner and like I can feel good wearing them in public once more.

cuffedjeans fabricfuse jeansredone

At the charity shops, I picked up a few exciting items recently. Standing in line for the changing room, I peered into the back processing room as something beautiful and green caught my eye. I asked one of the staff if it was a jacket or skirt, and if I could see it. It was indeed a jacket and exactly my size! I snatched it up and felt very spring-like on Easter morning as we rolled eggs amidst the hailstones!

green jacket brown and teal shirts corduroy jacket

I also came across a much needed long sleeve shirt that still had all its supple stretch – something that is hard to find in charity shops, and the one thing my wardrobe is low on since my wardrobe refashion pledge. I’m trying to transition my wardrobe into long sleeve blouses or cardigans for layers, but it is a comfort item. For 99 pence, I allowed myself to purchase this way-too-large teal blouse (a colour I adore) in hopes of re-sizing it.

A corduroy jacket waved its sleeve at me today and I obligingly took it home. While I wasn’t sure at first about the buttons, I think I’ll still be able to pull off, variably, the nerdy tweed-academic, autumnal romp/farmer, understated casual, and movie star out for a latte aesthetics.

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