Inspiration in many forms

I’ve finally completed the eva’s shawl! I put it down a few times when I had to buy more yarn (two extra balls) since I had started it with the intention of using up some stash. Then, when I came back from two weeks away, I wove in the ends and wore it to a birthday ceilidh! The drape was perfect, it felt comfortable (and didn’t fall off) and yet looked dressy enough with a nice top. I love this shawl now, plan on wearing it as often as possible throughout the Spring, and will make a few more

complete eva shawl pillowcase interfacing interfacing

In Lochcarron, where we stayed for a week, I picked up an oddly sized pair of wooden needles at a charity shop. They’re measuring just under 9mm, which is fine because I paid the 50p hoping they were something larger than an 8mm. I forgot to add them to the scene before photographing. The pillowcases and interfacing are my souvenirs from the Isle of Skye. I’m not quite sure what I’ll be doing with the pillowcases yet – if I wore more skirts, they’d probably become one. I am thinking of using the snippets of patterns for a variety of fill-ins, like pocket flaps or sleeve caps. Until then, I’m enjoying looking at it and dreaming of the possibilities.

sew u and muslin

Speaking of possibilities, I finally bought a copy of Sew U. My colleagues from the place I had done research gave me book gift certificates and this was at the top of my Must Buy list! I also ordered the Complete Tightwad Gazette, but the bookstore couldn’t get it from the American suppliers. Boohoo. Still, I very happy with Sew U so far and have started the shirt project. Since I don’t have any random sheets, I am using the often-advised muslin for my first mock-up. Hopefully, this will help me really see where to tweak the pattern to get the best fit, because I would love to become proficient and make a ton of button shirts of varying styles. I think it would be great to get so comfortable with a pattern that I could just go beyond making from it, to creating from it. Ultimately, my goals is to get the hang of shirt making and make everything I’d want for my Spring and Fall wardrobe and then venture into pants/trousers. I haven’t quite recovered from the disaster that ensued when I tried to make the floral sheet trousers, so hopefully this will give me the confidence. I want to get comfortable with making both shirts and pants before I head to the US this July, in order to pick up some delicious fabrics like cordouroy and brushed flannels (I know, can you tell I enjoyed the clothes from the early 80s?) for trousers and tops.


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