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There have been a few news articles in the past week that tie in to the reasons I’m keeping this blog. First, is the article on thrift shops and how they’re essential shopping for some – the writer tries to bridge the gap between fashion shoppers and the stereotype of thrift shops as selling unfashionable, worn out junk. If it doesn’t prompt more people to shop in thrift stores perhaps it will at least increase donations, based on the article’s mention of tax deductions. “For Many, Thrift Shops Are a Wardrobe Essential”

The second article talks about changing consumer habits (“Recession Diet Just One Way to Tighten Belt”), which hopefully in light of the third article (“Environmental Cost of Shipping Groceries Around the World”), will influence companies to listen. Still, I think more emphasis should also be placed on the packaging of foods. Tesco is touted as trying to switch to greener options, yet I cannot buy a simple cucumber in any British supermarket. I can receive real cucumbers from friends with allotments and gardens, but cannot purchase a cucumber in its Natural wrapping anywhere. On Friday, this fact came back to me when I examined half a British cucumber in a sealed plastic bag, or a whole Spanish cucumber shrink wrapped in plastic. Why can they not just trust us to wash the skin?…

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