a few ta-dahs!

A few weeks ago, Kerri9494 left me a comment asking if I had ever attempted her zippered pouch tutorial after writing about it in August. I admitted I hadn’t, but used that as inspiration to get a-moving! I found the perfect fabric to try one for a friend’s birthday and gave it a go. The instructions were very easy to follow, and I will definitely be making more!
This pouch marks the first time I have ever sewn in a zipper and also my first lined project. For some reason, when I had the machine’s zipper foot on, I couldn’t get the tension to act normally so I hand sewed the zipper on. It was probably due to my faulty changing of the machine’s accessories! I think the recipient will like it and already have plans for a few others I’m going to make.

marie pouch

Last week in the charity shop, I found a very cute Mexican silver bracelet with mother of pearl inset. The orange caught my eye and I didn’t realise it was silver until after they took it out of the case. I put it on, saw that the price tag was £1.99 and paid for it without taking it off! I really love it!

Another score – or hopefully a score- at the charity shop, was a pair of linen trousers for 2.50. I tried them on and thought the thighs were a bit too baggy, but couldn’t bring myself to put that much linen fabric back on the rack at such a price. So I bought them. They have great pockets, which also happen to be the reason I can’t just sew a bit in on the seams, so I’m going to take them to the tailor this afternoon. I know it probably sounds silly paying to get them altered if they didn’t really fit in the first place, but, a) I love the drape and colour; b) I’ll be paying fair wage for a true trade; c) I’m hoping to wear them in a special ceremony this summer!

Here’s a polyvore clip of what I plan on wearing. The sandals will have to be a new purchase, since I only own crocs and hiking boots. The shirt perched above the trousers on the right is very close to the colour of the fabric I bought in the Fall in hopes of making New Look 6599 (view E since it is for the US summer). You can see the fabric draped around the trousers in the above photo. I got discouraged about attempting the pattern for a special occasion, but when I pulled up the shirt last night in polyvore and remarked upon the similarity, my partner said “go for it”. So I’ll be picking up tissue paper today! Buttons may be an issue but if I make it that far I’ll persevere. I’m still searching for the perfect shawl pattern for the outfit.

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