This is probably my last post before I take a break from my thesis and head ‘home’ to visit my parents and family in the US. In this post, there’s a collection of projects created and ‘finds’ uncovered for our home here in Scotland.

Last week I finally got around to patching the three massive holes in the car seat. I wanted it to be quick and durable, so chose denim scraps hanging around from our jean rug we made in December. I also thought the colour would be the best match of all the fabric I have laying around. I’ve been thinking about trying out quilting and basic machine embroidering, so I gave the surfboard some decorative stitching so it didn’t end up looking like a strange rectangle. With one flower and two surfboard patches, the seat cover was ready to ride again!

After the seat cover was done, I threw together two pockets and a part of one leg to make a very quick remote cover. I am thrilled beyond reason by it, based on how easy it was, and the fact that my partner now keeps all the remotes in one spot and I won’t have to help look for them!

Two exciting finds for our home, are deliciously vintage dishes and a bean bag. On a Friday afternoon I was charity shop hoppin’ and spotted a set of 30 dishes for £4.50. The set included 6 cereal bowls, plates, tea cups, saucers and bread dishes. Drooling over the pattern although I knew we didn’t need any dishes, I reluctantly passed them by. The rest of the night, however, the set entered my mind like a growing obsession. I cannot say why, but the pattern and the thin white ceramic just touched something inside and thrilled me. So we headed back to the shop at 9am Saturday morning and picked them up! Seriously, using them makes me giddy and we’ve have them for around three weeks.

The final home improvement item, is a scrounged beanbag. One morning as I was washing the dishes, I looked out the window to see an undergraduate student stuffing a huge blue beanbag into the communal bins. I went to the front door and asked her “Is that a bean bag? Is there anything wrong with it?” She said no, and when I said “I’ll take it”, she asked if I was sure, it has been in the bin. I said that was okay, and then she told me it had a washable cover! Then what was the point of her throwing it away? Pure laziness I’d suspect since there are currently SIX charity shops in town. Still, I washed the cover and adopted the cosy chair while delighted at how it just so happens to match our sofas perfectly!

The last projects in this post will be gifts. The grocery bag is part of a friend’s birthday present and I’m pretty sure she won’t stumble upon this post before next Wednesday. Its Peaches n Creme worsted weight cotton from the cone, with a 5.5 mm hook and improvised design. The garter is one I’ve been working on for a few months and have finally finished! Its number 10 cotton thread and a 1.75 mm hook. My sister’s wedding is in a month and a day and instead of the purple ribbon I’ll find a blue one to match the bride’s maid dresses. The gifts we’ve been industriously creating will be posted when I return from the US after the wedding.


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