Maternal grandfather’s mother crocheted this!

Irma Palfy Rapp (Child of Maria Nagy and Philip Palfy) was born in Austria on 25th December 1902, later immigrating to Philadelphia. She was the mother of my maternal grandfather. She crocheted this beauty in the 1940s for her vanity. There is a long runner and several squares to the set.
When I was home visiting my parents I photographed this and plan on washing and re-blocking or starching it on my next visit.
I love knowing that there’s crochet history in my family!


      • my email is i also have an account with some of family tree filled in from what i do know. its tawn0087 Philadelphia Passenger Lists, 1800-1945-
        Maria Palfy / arrival date 25 Feb 1912 / AGE : 31 Years / Birth Yr : abt 1881 / Ethnic Background: Magyar (Hungarian) / Port of Departure: Bremen, Germany / Ship Name: Hannover / Port of Arrival: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / Friend’s Name: Filip Palfy / Last Residence: Hungary / Birthplace : Kapolcs, Hungary

  1. Hi Riotflower, Hi Tawnie..
    Yes you are distant cousins… you have common gg grandparents.
    Tawnie is a decendant of Betty Jane, my g aunt betty’s daughter.

  2. Hi Tawnie,

    My mom said that she has visited your great grandparents in Cali- pretty cool! She’s going to email you with ancestry stuff. : * )

    Thanks for getting in touch!

  3. Hello, i hope all is well.. I have come across a picture of the Palfy kids at pretty young ages ( Irma, Gene, Lou, & Elizabeth) and i would love to share it but i cant seem to find the email address your mom gave me.. mine is still posted in the above comments if you could email me and let me know where to send it.. thanks so much,

  4. HI its tawnie.. just wanted to let you know ive been working on a family tree on … ive got alot and am missing alot… i found that John & Julius were really Philip’s step sons.. and i cant harldy find anything on them.. Also, now this i know you can help with, I have the least info on Irma, i only have the basics… Also i was able to find names of unknowns on old photos & a phone book that belonged to Louis C Palfy (Philip & maria son) and guess what i found some Rapp Phone #’s… and last i saw a picture of a vase on your blog, simple solid white flower vase, and thought ive seen that hundreds of times… I dug out some of my grandmas keep sakes and i have 2 exactly like it that belonged to my great grandma Elizabeth Catherine… ill be taking pics of the phone book and vases to send to you in an email… thought was neat to share….

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