August Birthdays

August Birthdays

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I’m pretty excited to have found the “blog this” option on flickr…too bad it won’t allow the blogging of several photos at once.
While we’re usually pretty good at making (aka stamping or drawing) cards when we need them, birthday cards are one of the ones where we sometimes slack off and purchase.
I recently went through a large stack of b-day cards that had been sitting around and revitalised them into new birthday greetings. It only took a bit of searching to find the right image and colour combination to fit each recipient.
For our nephew (the tiger card), I was excited about tying in the dinosaur stickers, with orange and black writing saying “We hope your 7th birthday is a ROARING good time!”.
Using old cards is obviously nothing new, but I’m so pleased with how they’re enlivened by a colourful envelope pairing. I think I might’ve even convinced my partner (the largest culprit of b-day card purchases) to try hard this year to stretch our creativity and Use What We Have.
With my craft piles of various kinds (yarn, fabric, trimmings, paper, etc!) overflowing, we’re going to try and craft the winter away, very much in the mindset of the popular blog tag “Use what you have”.


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