My First Sourdough

my first sourdough
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I’ve finally made sourdough and am beyond thrilled that my first attempt yielded tangy, chewy and delicious bread!
Using the recipe from the Tightwad Gazette, I made the starter on Sunday. On monday I was antsy all day and eager to get started but managed to refrain from interrupting the fermentation process. The starter went into the fridge on Tuesday, I mixed up the dough on Wednesday and let it rise overnight. Thursday, after a punch-down and a 4 hour rise, I placed the loaves in the oven!
Due to the long rising times, this bread won’t be replacing our regular homemade bread for general use, but I’ll definitely be making it often for its “eat it all up at once” factor!

I’m very encouraged by this bread not only because it satisfies a huge craving, but because it signifies success with bacteria. So far, my three attempts at making yogurt have been unsuccessful, but I’ll continue to try! Also, since this bread uses a fermenting bacteria, my confidence is leaning towards finally trying to make some kimchi.

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  1. Mmm!

    I’ve always wanted to make bread; but alas, I can’t have it anymore.
    Look up Nancy Silverton; she makes a sourdough starter with grapes that is fascinating. She demonstrates this on one of Julia Child’s cooking shows, “Baking with Julia Child.” You can access it by going to; then look up the links for Julia Child. They have a video demonstration there.

    The Culinary Chick

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