What I’ve bought recently


What I’ve bought recently

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   During my charity shop ventures in both the US and UK in July and August, I’ve found some exciting things. Not pictured, is a strawberry shortcake candle and several singlets/tank tops which I left at my parents’ house in the US.
   For my sister’s bachelorette party in July, the girls all decorated shirts to wear on the night out. I tried to convince the others to chose another colour so it wouldn’t be obvious if the shirt was older. Black won out because its more uniform and I guess glamorous when decorated. I searched the charity shops- which in the US have rack after rack of anything imaginable, but didn’t find any appropriate black tanks. So I had to purchase one. Instead of going to Old Navy or some other store and getting one marketed towards women, I got three boy’s undershirts for the same price. And they’re all from the same general area of the world as well, so that couldn’t be a consideration. So, while I am disappointed that I had to break my 11-month streak of not purchasing anything new in the stores, I am quite glad that I only ‘caved’ because I had to in order to fulfill maid of honor duties and didn’t find something “perfect” in the shops which I convinced myself I needed.
   As for the other items, I found three great pair of jeans, but only bought 2, since they’re for wearing to the department and office, and my regular messy jeans are just fine for the moment. I did feel a bit goofy when i realised that one of them was Calvin Klein- I wondered if people would think I was a fashion tool. However, I found the occasion for education when I wore them to the bachelorette party and my little sister surprisingly asked (after somehow identifying them based on staring at the front pocket and not seeing any written word) why I had Calvin Kleins. I said well, I got them for $5 at the charity shop. After mentioning my rule of not purchasing new things in stores, I think the rest of the girls (although my sister is a convert in principle) thought a bit differently about style and thrifting.
   The “Don’t Let The Turkeys Get You Down” was an impulse buy. Looking for long sleeve t-shirts, I came across this great image and knew I wanted it as a reminder throughout this coming year while writing my thesis.
   The bottom row comprises UK purchases over the past few weeks- two pillow cases I might make a wrap skirt with or a shirt. Orange 3/4 sleeve shirt which feels like a T, but looks a bit nicer. Long sleeve turquoise shirt for £1 even though it was brand-new! It still had the store tag on, fits great and adds much needed layers to my wardrobe. The cotton cabled teal sweater vest is another layering deal, which will match the green shirt I found the other day. Actually, I was wearing the green shirt when trying on the vest at the charity shop!

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