restful dreams

I’m working mostly full-time on writing my thesis now and last Sunday, I almost had a break down about it I was so tired and stressed. I had spent the morning rowing and the rest of the day reading (academic) journal articles. At 7:30 pm, I realised how late it was and since I split the day between attempts at playing and at studying, I didn’t feel as though I had accomplished anything.
I learned my lesson and took off the entire day today…once a week is such a luxury at this point.

Anyway, while I cleaned the house and thought about crocheting, I ended up spending a few hours back at polyvore. All of the sets reflect my desire to have a simple, comfortable home. Few distractions from what we really enjoy, and a whole lot of life’s pleasures. Key words here are plants, texture (homemade blankets, pillows, crochet, quilted, etc), light, music, books, photographs, art and nature.

The first set was a sort of idealised use of our living room if we managed to simplify it (note the lack of TV- but my partner enjoys it and we don’t have another room to tuck it away into at the moment).


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