Birthday gifts and the end of the summer

There are a lot of birthdays happening in the next few weeks, including those of two friends this weekend. Each gift fit inside the recipient’s birthday card which cuts down on waste and adds a nice surprise to the card opening!

For Friday’s birthday girl, I made a pouch with purple fruit fabric that just screamed out her name! I knew she had to have something made from it and first thought of the zip pouch I had made in May. Luckily before cutting, I realised I didn’t have enough fabric for that one, so I just winged it…and tried to do french seams with a zipper in the way. It worked so perfectly in my head. At first I was very unhappy with it and the visible zipper bulge inside, but I messed around some, reinforced the sewing near the top. I thought of making her a new one, but I wanted her to have that fabric. After my partner did a little pep-talk and reminded me of what a sweet friend she is anyway, I decided to give it to her and she ended up liking it. Next time, I’ll practice with ugly fabric unless I’m sure of the end result!

R's pouch inside R's pouch outside

Another birthday celebration is tonight and I made this b-day girl a bookmark. Its cotton yarn with glass beads. Since it’s her 30th, I’ve put 30 beads on the ends to symbolize 30 wishes for her year ahead. She’s very particular in her fashion style (which is always glamorous) and I figured that something pretty (hopefully!) and practical would do the trick. I used this pattern and will definitely make a few more in the future!

Today’s the last day of summer and I ended up leaving the boathouse with a handful of flowers which had been broken when some teammates were gardening. I like the idea of flowers brightening the house as we step over the threshold into Autumn!

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