Love for a new little boy

The whole set

Originally uploaded by Riotflower

When I returned from work on Friday night, my partner told me that a friend of ours had delivered a baby boy!

His arrival surprised us and we hadn’t finished his present yet, so we set to work (after stopping at the store Saturday morning for some very soft baby yarn) making things to keep him nice and warm so he can stay healthy! We weren’t sure what size his head is (and we’re in a completely different country so no easy visiting), so we made several sizes.

My partner learned to make hats and made the two on the left. The photo doesn’t quite show it, but the yarn is a nice minty green with small flecks of pink and blue throughout. Those are with double knitting weight yarn. I made a pumpkin hat that will hopefully fit him sometime in the next two months for Halloween or Thanksgiving, and a pair of baby tube socks. I looked around at various craft forums (including several on Ravelry!) and read that most parents used socks more frequently than booties because they stayed on better.

So, I decided to learn how to make socks…with 4-ply yarn no less! This included sitting with the double pointed needles a bit and finally getting it thanks to my trusty “Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Needlework”, and also learning how to graft toes together. I used this pattern for the socks and this tutorial for grafting.
All weekend we crafted- it seemed like the most important thing to do-and got the package ready to send for the beginning of the week!

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