Stresses and rewards

This past week has been a rough one thesis-wise. I’m just getting to the stage where everything is modification, expansion or clarification of what is already written. This means that there are no exciting “eureka” moments where I design a new chapter format or come up with a fantastic idea. As a result of this, and simply over-work, I had been feeling pretty dumb. Luckily, I realised (with the help of PhD discussion boards on Ravelry) that I’m not the only one to experience this. So last night I made a deal with myself: If I could finish the work before going to bed, then I could sleep in today! 

I only managed to stay in bed until 9:00 but I gave myself napping privileges for the day. Besides a bit of resting, I’m going to reward myself for my work with some crocheting! For the past two weeks I haven’t really allowed myself to sit down with a hook and yarn because I was so worried about what needed to be done. Today, I am going to work on a jacket I’ve been thinking about for ages and swatch something from my new crochet book, Blueprint Crochet

For the past year or so I’ve been clicking open emails and answering surveys to earn points. I had been saving for a year of National Geographic but that reward has been discontinued. Amazingly, the replacement is the ability to order any book on Amazon! They each have different point redemption values, but besides that it’s all free! I knew that I really wanted Blueprint Crochet and then checked out my Ravelry queue to see which other book had the most patterns bookmarked. I chose Not Your Mama’s Crochet as the second book. They both arrived yesterday- a timing I’m attributing to karma!

So…with my lesson learned (to allow myself some crochet time in weeks of heavy work) I am rewarding myself today with lots of tea, crocheting and (maybe) some chapter editing.


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