New appliqued sling bag

My new bag!

Originally uploaded by Riotflower

I never actually got around to crocheting as I has planned yesterday.

However, I followed my urges to create something quickly gratifying and useful. Before I realised it, I was raiding my fabric stash and positioning different colours on top of a pair of most-disassembled mens corduroy pants/trousers.
There was a small part of me that said I should go to the fabric store to get something fantastic to line the bag and decorate the front. That suggestion was quickly deflected by a comment about buying fabric at the charity shop. A moment later, I told both voices to hush down and knew that I would just be creative with what I had instead!

It was a dreary, rainy day and I wanted something comforting- this led me to reach for my favourite colours, including green and turquoise…after playing around for a bit, I created this design!

Quite new to the applique deal, I decided against tucking the edges in- figuring it would give a more textured, natural look anyway. At least for the tree. I used interfacing on the backs of the pieces in hopes that it will stop them from fraying. Once the tree trunk was sewn around the edges I wanted to add some more texture and found that the most satisfying part of the process! It was also a learning experience seeing how slow to go in certain curves and how different stitches (I used the ever so slightly zig zagged straight stitch) change the look.

It is large enough to carry a big notebook (tall enough for a UK notebook and also wide enough for a US one!) and several other things. When I finished sewing the strap in yesterday I was giddy beyond belief because I knew that it was a new bag for me to love. It fills the void of “every day bag”…Also, it was nice to have made myself a gift for all my hard thesis work!

I took it for a wander today and as if in response to the bag’s arrival the weather was sunny!



  1. I LOVE this bag B! Can we organise a birthday gift-making thing…I can make you a picture, or a designed covered notebook, or some earrings…or OOo! A button bracelet or necklace (I’ve made a bracelet so far and I think it looks swish…For any and all of those things, could I have a fun, colourful bag too?

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