Highlights Of the Week

Jasmine tea

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“Highlights Of (the) Week”, or “HOW I remind myself that life is good!”

It’s 12:45am and I’m waiting for the opening game of the World Series to start. Being 5 hours ahead, I’ve stayed up studying and drinking jasmine tea. Apparently, in large quantities Jasmine is a stimulant- although I can’t tell if it’s the tea or my excitement at seeing baseball (and my wonderful home team!) on tv here in Scotland that’s making me slightly shakey.

Anyway, thinking through the past week, I decided to post a few of my Frugal/Creative highlights.

1. Receiving two new (free) crochet books, as blogged about previously.

2. Finding perfectly ripe bananas at the grocer’s for 25p a Lb. I spend 99p and left with 13 delicious bananas which are now all chopped up in the freezer waiting for smoothies and baking!

3. Receiving a large roll of Batting/Wadding for quilting from freecycle and enjoying the walk to unexplored parts of my city as I went to collect it.

4. When my partner managed to find a very nice pair of work trousers at the charity shop.

5. Partner’s aunt stopped by with a large tray of eggs she had received from a friend and shared with us.

6. Not really frugal or creative, but seeing mention of my baseball team in the local metro newspaper!



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