Happy Halloween!
I’m at the department today so won’t be wearing a costume. Add a few Halloween hair clips and spider socks to this photo and that’s my ‘dress-up’ for the day!
I made these wristwarmers in between studying just in time for today. I only had one ball of this black yarn so I split it in half and then started! Trying a new (stretchier!) bind-off I used more yarn than I expected so the second warmer has about an inch of some icky dk black yarn double stranded. But, I love them! They’re the “jiffy armwarmers” also available as a ravelry download! I’ve already been asked to make a few for friends.


  1. Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for the compliment!
    No, I don’t have an etsy shop- unfortunately, my crafting is done on moments stolen from my academic self.

    There are a ton of great tutorials, patterns and directions online that can help you get into whatever craft you’d like- check out some of the links of the side of this blog. Craftster is a great place to go for inspiration on a huge range of crafts and there are tons of talented blogsters out there that have directions.
    Good luck diving in!

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