Small steps

Here’s a picture of a cardigan I’m slowly working on using pure wool from New Lanark. It’s from More Crocheted Aran Sweaters. Here’s the Ravelry project link. I’m doing my main cables a bit differently than the ones in the pattern simply because my left-handed, slightly dyslexic self just couldn’t get how do the original ones in the other direction as required for the second side of the cardigan! I also like how these cables seem more secure- the ones in the pattern just seemed to be slithering up the outside of the fabric rather than being part of it.

This book has a ton of beautiful cabled patterns that I look forward to making.

This cardigan is going to take me a very long time to make, which is fine because I see it as an ‘investment piece’ – one that will work really well in my wardrobe and that I’ll hopefully love.

During this past week or so, I’ve pretty much hit a stand-still with my thesis and therefore with my crafting as well. I am just not my usual creative, lively, balanced self and I finally bought a sunlamp today. I’m eagerly awaiting its arrival while huddled over my aquarium lamp.
I know that fighting the winter darkness is a slow process- it only works with a lot of effort and small steps, just like a thesis, and a cabled cardigan.
So in retrospect, there’s the balance!


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