Fabric, fanciful writing and fun designs

Over the past few months, I’ve found a few exciting things in the charity shops.

The colour of the fabric caught my eye (this was around September, shortly after a summer in dresses, shirts and shoes with this colour) and I knew it was mine when I saw the £1 price tag.

Partner and I were doing the “charity shop hop” – going to each of the 7 or so in town- and I browsed the books in the next shop. I found A little book of Scottish verse in fantastic condition (looking inside, I don’t think it has even been skim read) for 70p. It’s not very easy to find second hand Scottish books around here. WIth pictures from the National Gallery and decent poems, I know my little sister will enjoy using it with her “Language Arts” classes.

Today, on the way back from the library, I popped into two of the shops in town looking for candle sticks. I wanted fairly short ones for the Thanksgiving table and after asking the woman working if they had any others in the back, she brought three sets out. “One was too big, one was too small, and one was just right.” The set you see here isn’t exactly autumnal colours as one would expect for Thanksgiving, but I like the leafy (and there’s a fish on the base) design, they’re the perfect size and cost me £3. When she rung me up, the woman looked at the bottom and remarked that they were handmade in Kenya. Pretty cool.
So I guess I’ve adopted tourist souvenirs from two people- the Scottish book from Scotland In Scotland, and a neat Kenyan craft that has travelled to Scotland. And who knows where the fabric will travel with me in the future?


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