Accessorising the City!

In between marking a stack of student essays over the past two weeks, I crocheted 20cm squares for our town’s Knitting and Crochet Bee. The group’s organizer secured a grant for several art-based projects for St. Andrews day in Stirling and “Accessorising the City” was one of them. We all knit or crocheted squares, legwarmers, scarves, etc…

The squares became this massive scarf which will be displayed at the ceilidh, concerts and such throughout the holiday weekend. Today, a few of us (it was during the regular work day) took the items around town to photograph them in various places and for the local paper publicity shot. It would’ve been great to have the whole group available, but the days are so short it is dark when most return from work…not such a photogenic time of day.

One of the photos that the newspaper reporter took involved us standing with very large (20mm) knitting needles and miming knitting the scarf. It tickled me that the squares I could reach were my crocheted ones. I would find it endlessly amusing if the photo of me pretending to knit my crocheted square showed up in the local paper!

If you’re local, some of the events are listed on the council website.


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