Quilted Skull Coffee Cozy

Today a friend, and avid coffee drinker, celebrated a birthday. I wanted to make him something since it was a big-numbered-birthday, and decided a skull coffee cozy was perfect!

In my test cozy, I traced the outer cardboard of a paper cup (not the cozy, the actual cardboard decoration) with a hem allowance, and sewed two pieces of fabric together, added the batting/wadding, turned it right-side out…and didn’t even bother to continue sewing it. It was a disaster- too small, crooked, etc!

Regrouping, and glad I had only used the floral sheet fabric I tend to use in the place of muslin, I decided to try my hand at using bias binding, since I’ll be binding the edges on an up-coming baby quilt.

For the upper and lower edges, I didn’t add any hem allowance, but added twice the expected amount on the sides. I added the applique, decorated it, placed the batting between the two fabric layers, quilted some angles through the layers, and then slowly attempted to add the bias binding. I’m not so sure I did the corners correctly, but I’m quite proud of the result. After the bias binding was on, I checked that it would fit around the cup, pinned it in place and then sewed it shut.

The fuzz you see in the picture is the batting that came through the stitch-holes which I brushed off before gifting it.


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