Frog key fob

Frog Key fob
Originally uploaded by Riotflower

I haven’t been inactive, just working on Christmas gifts so I can’t post those for a while.

This is a key fob I just made for a friend’s birthday. (Although it is already a week late…) She likes to camp and teaches biology, so I thought frogs would work nicely!

The strap fits around a wrist for carrying that way, and is also small enough to throw into a bag. When I finished it, I was so excited I wanted to make myself one!

The finished product is 2.5 cm wide and 15 cm long, excluding the ring. I used a round ring, because that is what I had, although I think I’m going to search for a place to buy D-rings if I make more. It’s times like these that make me miss craft stores- local, large, etc…even big box stores (yikes!) that carry crafting supplies.

I started with a long rectangle, added interfacing, tucked in the edges, folded it in half (so it was then a long strip), and sewed the open ends. I then folded it in half the other way, added a rectangle of stitching above where the top of the ring would sit, added the ring, and hand stitched the bottom closed.

I used quilting thread and stitched across the bottom several times, because no one wants to lose keys!

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