Fleece Sleeves (Plus Directions)!

I wanted to wear this shirt for New Year’s Eve, without any of the cardigans or jackets already in my closet. Since it is silly to want to wear short sleeves in the winter, I decided I should made a pair of arm warmers. I really like the arm warmers I made in October, but wanted something besides black and didn’t have time to knit a new pair in time. Remembering I have some brown fleece in the sewing box, I dug it out to get started! They were insanely easy and are very cosy!

Handmade Fleece Sleeves in brown

Here is what I did:

1. Measured the widest part of my forearm- 22cm. I also measured the widest part of my hands but it was only a 3cm difference I figured I could make up in the final hemming. I then cut a 22cm wide rectangle (and 47cm long because of how long the fleece was) without a seam allowance since the fabric was a bit stretchy.

2. I sewed up the side seam. If you are unlike me and pay attention while sewing, then do not sew over the thumb hole. If you Are like me, then snip the threads holding the thumb hole closed.

3. Fold in the thumb hold flap material and sew around it – sort of like a large button hole.

3. Keep the tube inside out and try it on. With chalk, trace the contour of your wrist from below the thumb and gently grade it back the the rest of the arm. Sew on that chalk line.

4. Clip the extra seam fabric down the insides, hem the fabric at each end. Turn right side out, put on and revel in your quick, cosy project!

I added a wee brown bow to each wrist. For me, it added a bit of visual interested without making it too cutesy. I’m been really enjoying sewing with scraps recently- the bows are from a ribbon I saved from some bath gift box I received ages ago.



  1. What a great project! I made a few pair of these for my daughter for Christmas. I also linked this post on my blog. I am featuring in it my 12 weeks of Christmas giftable craft projects.

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