Sewing centers and sharing skills

I just came across this article about a long-running Sewing and Crafts program in NYC. It is generally a heartwarming story of dedication…But I see it as a call to continue to teach people crafting and frugal skills.

Just before the winter holidays, some friends and I gathered for a craft day- to help one friend sew curtains, while we crocheted, knit socks, or hemmed jeans. For some reason, seeing my friends ‘bust out’ skills that I didn’t know they had made me incredibly proud. It reminded me to continue to teach whatever skills I can share, to whoever will learn.

I hope that in this time when everyone is fretting about the economy and seemingly endless articles run in the newspapers and magazines about revitalising what we already own, that we can shift our consumption culture back to appreciating quality and repair over disposable thrills.


  1. Hi there. I found your blog through the WordPress Tagsurfer/Readomattic feature and noticed you mentioned a program in NYC. The link you posted in your blog post refers to a blank page. Just thought you’d want to know.

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