A Hodge Podge of Thoughts

Vote for Pedro Key Fob
Originally uploaded by Riotflower

I made this key fob for a friend’s 30th birthday. She’s a big fan of “Napoleon Dynamite” and that was her party’s theme, so I whipped this up. When I say “whipped”, I mean it almost whipped me. The letters were harder to embroider (using the machine’s button hole function) than I had expected and I had to rip several tricky letters out a few times (the Os and the Rs!), though I got better as I went along.
I made it to the same specifications as the frog key fob.

We’ve been continuing to de-clutter, including larger items.  Our old cordless now only holds a charge for around 45 minutes which wasn’t good enough considering my family lives across the ocean and we catch up using longer blab sessions. It lived in the closet for about a month. While it was on our list of things to get rid of, charity shops here tend to be wary of electronics and I wasn’t sure about posting something with a half-life on freecycle. Luckily, a WANTED email came through and I was able to specify the charge it holds and a man happily took it off our hands.  We also gladly gave away a learner’s aucoustic guitar requested on freecycle, and sent a disused (and in need of repair) bike back to recyke-a-bike. If you have a bike you no longer use, look for a local bike re-use scheme.  It somehow feels better to donate a bike to a place that will fix it up in order to sell, than to a charity shop which will probably struggle to sell it.

I tried another batch of homemade laundry detergent.  After the dry detergent didn’t work for our clothing/machine/regular cycle, I took a break from trying for a while. Around two weeks ago, I decided to whip up a batch of the liquid detergent and it works perfectly! Apparently, the type of water you have in your area, the individual machine cycles and some other things (can’t remember what!) can affect the outcome, so if one doesn’t work very well, try another. We have been using it constantly since then and the clothes come out of the machine smelling like fresh air! I only made about 1/6 of the amount when I made it due to space issues, but I am going to find a large tub very soon because we’re definitely switching.

I’ve been sewing a lot on my rare free time and am beginning to miss crocheting. I’ve been drawn to sewing tiny things for the quick results they yield, but definitely will be getting back to the good old yarn and hook very soon.

Here are a few interesting articles on the subject of material scavengers, the editorial responses on poverty and factory work, and a brief business article on what retailers will be doing to deal with decreased spending.  Another article suggests that stores will be carrying less stock- including less colour or style variety in clothing. Perhaps after a few (“fashion”) seasons the monotony of being a cookie-cutter consumer will wear on shoppers and thrifting and creating clothing will become standard style protocol.

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