Completed Baby Quilt

Completed Baby Quilt

Originally uploaded by Riotflower

This is the quilt I made as a welcome home present (it was supposed to be the welcome to the world quilt) for this little boy. When they announced a baby was on the way, I couldn’t figure out what to make. Crocheting a blanket didn’t seem like the right thing. Then, I remembered a fantastic quilt we slept under when visiting these friends. A grandparent of one of the parents quilted and the turtle is a reminder of the other parent’s nickname. Their lovely little boy came home yesterday!

I learned a LOT making this quilt.

1. I should have used a walking foot for the machine. Apparently, that would’ve stopped it from bubbling like it did. It looks more like a sleeping bag than a quilt.

2. I may have used too much batting/wadding in the middle layer.

3. Making my own bias binding was not only essential for the size I needed, it was extremely satisfying. I measured the fabric 4 ruler-widths across.

4. I am not sure how to handle and adjust the machine tension if the numbers don’t make sense. According to my manual if there were loops on the back, the tension needed a higher number. What do you do when it’s already at the highest number? Well, for me, the answer is to walk away so the blanket doesn’t receive any negative energy. Then approach it once more, fiddle around, re-thread, rip some stitches out and wait for it to miraculously fix the tension.

5. What I lack in skill, I make up for in LOVE.

Here’s a shot of the cloud material used to back the quilt.


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