“Fire Lotus” Jeans Repair

These jeans debuted last weekend on a road trip down to Richmond and Kirby Stephen, England.

They were originally a pair of mens “fashion” jeans, as evidenced by all the neatly arranged holes. A few weeks ago, two holes near the knee joined forces and i knew I had to patch these up before all the holes followed suit!

I trimmed the threads holding each hole ‘together’ so that the fabric would show through. Then, I took two large rectangles of fabric from my stash (we call it the Time Lord fabric since I think it looks like space and time travel…I used it to line a Tardis bag I crocheted a few years ago) and sewed them into the thigh areas, leaving several inches around the holes. I then turned them right side out to stitch boxes around each individual hole with a few zig-zag lines over top both fabric layers. Last, I made (what is supposed to be) a lotus flower applique and added it to the outside. I LOVE them! I am so proud of this refashion and know that they’re once more my party-jeans!

After trying the reach the boxes near the knees, I think I finally understand the idea of a free-arm sewing machine. It would have given me much more maneuverability!

Another completed project- which I handed in yesterday- is my first rough draft of my thesis! Still plenty of work to do on it but now, all my ideas are on paper in a structure that I think works!

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