Gifts for my family

I flew home this week to surprise my mom and to take care of my parents for two weeks. It is the first Spring I have been to Pennsylvania in five years so I’m definitely enjoying everything.  Before heading over, I knitted two more sets of wrist warmers for my nieces.  The little sister of the first recipient requested a green pair for her Spring birthday and their cousin, my other niece, requested a pink pair.  

 wrist-warmers-for-nieces1  face cloths

In addition to the knitting, I crocheted face cloths for my parents and added two Scottish soaps.  I wanted to do a seaside theme with them and so I did scalloped ‘shell’s around the edge of the green cloth, but did not like the result of a crab-stitch edging (which I thought would look like a sailor’s rope) around the blue one.  They really liked them and it was such a satisfying gift to make and give. After feeling different cloth thicknesses, I think using a 4-ply yarn is definitely the perfect weight for a crocheted face cloth.  Yarn for all four projects came from my stash, making me a happy crafter.


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