I wear my (velour) heart on my sleeve.


During my visit with my parents I emptied some of my old things out of the attic and they sorted through their closets for a big charity shop drop.  I noticed a cranberry coloured henley in my dad’s pile of clothes and tried it on. It fit perfectly and I wore it for the rest of the day not noticing the gaping hole in the elbow!


I did two rows of running stitch around the hole and sewed a velour heart on top.  The velour was from a pair of pants I wore as a toddler.  I added a second heart near the neckline to cover a pin-hole.  I had thought about embroidering “I wear my heart on my sleeve” near the large heart but decided that it wasn’t necessary.  The pictures may not show it, but the heart colour matches very closely and gives a subtle change in texture and shade to the garment- I really liked this refashion!

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