Crochet all around…

For the past week it has been too drizzly and overcast for me to photograph any of my recent crafting (and one will remain secret until Mother’s Day) so here’s a collection of crochet photos gathered from around me.

Going through my belongings while visiting my parents, I came across these Kewpies to realise that they wore crochet clothing.  As a child, I don’t think I ever made the connection between the textures of their clothing and the crocheted blankets around the house.  It seems there are even books with Kewpie patterns. While I remembered the doll in the second photo having curly yarn legs I also just realised that her entire visible  body (there is a very small plastic doll inside with small arms and legs) is crochet.  Unfortunately, my mom cannot remember the name of the woman who made these gifts for me.  The day after photographing the pink doll, I came across a doll in a crochet dress at a thrift store and snapped a shot. 


        Crocheted Doll thrift-crochet-doll


Here’s a peek at a blanket that matched an entire crochet outfit I had as a baby. It came with a loop-stitch cardigan, bonnet, and booties.  I used the cardigan and bonnet on my Cabbage Patch Kids as a child and the booties held potpourri in my dresser drawers. The blanket had been tucked away with our other baby blankets and, I’m excited to report, is in fantastic condition. Here’s a shot of the blanket, but you’ll have to wait for Mother’s day to see the outfit!

crochet-blanket-with-outfitFinally, my little sister – also a very crafty lady and the one who taught me to crochet the time it stuck – has started a blog to document her ventures in gardening, DIY and baking. Check her out at Young Wifey!



  1. Where can I get the pattern for the shell stitch blanket that is shown. My son and his wife saw it and sent me the picture and I’ve looked but there is no pattern. Please let me know where I may get the pattern. Thank you

  2. Hi Linda,
    This blanket was made for me as a baby so I don’t know if they used a pattern or not. It is just a repeat of a shell stitch, if you search online for that.
    Alternatively, if you want to make a blanket the same size as others have, here’s a link (I have not used this pattern):
    And another:
    There are several listed on Ravelry.
    Best of luck!

    • Hi Rose,

      Unfortunately I don’t know where to find the pattern for the doll because she was a toy given to me as a child. She is basically spiral stitch arms and legs with a bit of a torso- an amigurumi style to be in the round would work. Then you’d just need to make a hat, a muff, and figure out how to attach the head. If you do find the pattern, I would love it if you could share the link here.


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