Happy Mother’s Day

Here’s a photo of my mom holding me at 5 months old and sporting the crochet outfit mentioned in the previous post. Also, here are a few shots of my mom’s Mother’s Day shawl. I’ve wanted to make her a shawl for a while and wasn’t sure which weight to make until she said she has been chillier than usual even in warm-ish weather, so I made an early Spring type shawl!  I used the increases in the Eva’s Shawl as a guide. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO THE BEST MOM EVER!

  5 Months old with mom.   shawl-large-chair-apple-tree


  1. Wow, what a crotcheted outfit – it’s brilliant! I saw an advert the other day featuring the 60’s and a dress not much different to that – but on a 20 year old. Oddly, it looked fabulous!

    • Thanks! And the adult crochet outfit sounds neat- I’d love to come across that advert. I guess it’s all a matter of what’s in fashion since crocheted skirts and shirts look fabulous on adults right now, it makes sense that hot pants, etc, (those are the old-fashioned outfits I’ve seen images of) would have looked great decades ago.

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