Two years and rollin!

When I started this blog two years ago, I was unsure about how long I would follow through with it.  While I haven’t been the most regular poster I find that I now love this blog.  It is my place to save my progress, inspiration and thoughts, not to mention the fact that it’s much easier to pull up the page and share projects without lugging around a book of scattered ideas!

29th bday cake

Glancing back at the original post, I was surprised to see that I have basically avoided (excepting the occasional wagon-fall) purchasing new clothing for the past two years when I have second hand or hand made options available.  I hadn’t realised that much time has passed, simply because it feels normal for me now.   My confidence in my projects has also increased exponentially and I am now excited to give handmade gifts to everyone rather than a select few.  Having friends that say No one gives gifts like me, or Everyone always loves my gifts (although of course these friends, being friends, are biased) definitely helps too!  To set the scene for this blog-iversary (or whatever all those bloggin’ pros out there call it), here’s a shot of my recent 29th birthday cake!


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