Sunset after the rain

I got a Visa and I’m back home in Scotland now.  While it was nice to spend extra time with my family, I am relieved to be back to my regulary scheduled life.

After all the waiting I had done in the past two months, I wasn’t looking forward to sitting in the airport lounge for three hours with just a book.  I took the chance and brought a (metal) crochet hook with me…and it passed through security twice!

sunset after the rain

Towards the time we were boarding, a woman near me said “Excuse me, are you knitting?” then seeing my project she said “Oh, it’s crochet. Because we’re not allowed to knit on planes”…She was a knitter and found out the hard way when her sweater got dumped from her needles at an airport earlier this year.  That’s when I realised the advantage of just losing the hook! I said that I had read about several people who have successfully brought bamboo needles on.  I suggested she tries again and to also bring a plastic canvass needle and extra yarn next time to work as a stitch holder if they do end up confiscating the needles.

So, I happily crocheted the hours away, relieved they did not take my hook because I was too anxious to focus on anything and needed my mind to wander into the sunset as I produced stitch after stitch…

crochet in lounge



  1. Hooray for you finally going home! Though I am sad we didn’t get to meet up while you were in the states. The best tip I’ve heard for traveling with knitting is to bring circular needles, and if you can, pack them in with any computer cords you have — so far it’s worked for me every time.

    • Ah- circulars with computer cords! Now that’s smart! Were they metal or bamboo tipped? Hopefully next trip over will be more of a holiday trip and I can do the rounds of visiting fantastic people : * )

  2. I’m so glad you’re home! Enjoy your crocheting, I’ll finally post some crochet projects when it’s cold outside and I have to stay indoors. XOXO

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