May birthday gift exchange

A friend and I did a birthday gift exchange and she requested a bag similar to my sling bag.  She wanted a neutral background with blues and greens on it…and here it is!  The main material was a slightly stretchy corduroy which made it awkward to sew with when I treated it like regular corduroy, especially since I did a sturdy satin stitch over the edges of the design this time.   Overall, however, I think it’s an improvement upon my first sling bag.  I love the batik fabric on the flower because not only does it include the colours requested but it is complex and interesting- just like my friend!

marie bag2

On the receiving end, I was very spoiled!  She decorated a tiny notebook for me (she knows we share a weakness for, and take delight in, tiny things and notebooks!).  Next, she decorated a frame and included one of her beautiful drawings! I keep telling her she should sell her drawings on etsy- her work is so organic, in a way, and always makes me dream of the possibilities in the world! I actually styled her bag on the flower in my birthday card since it seemed she had been inspired by flowers recently.  Lastly, she commissioned a friend to make me buttons which I will be adding to some very special crochet and knit garments (once I make them of course!).  Thanks Marie!



One comment

  1. You’re welcome! I LOVE my bag, its so nice and extremely well done! And its crazy sturdy–I had it jam packed the other day!

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