First attempt at making mustard

mustard yum

I love mustard.  I love it on sandwiches and many other savoury things, but most of all on pretzels.  Pretzels and mustard are one of my all time favourite snacks (although we’re out of pretzels at the moment or they would be in the above photo!)

The store brand pretzels sold in the UK at Chrsitmas were great when they were all we could buy, but now that there is enough of a demand for importing packs of pretzels from Poland (say that quickly 5 times!) I just can’t go back to the under-toasted flavour of holiday pretzels.  Also, since they’re only sold for the holidays, they’re all produced at once and every pack expires in March.  So, we’re very happy nibbling on the yummy ones our store now sells for an affordable price….which leads me to my mustard cravings!

I’m also picky about mustard- I was raised eating spicy brown mustard on all pretzels, hard or soft. The whole grain mustard here is beautiful looking (in that earthy, real food sort of way) and I do dump it on sandwhiches or roast veggies  but I find it too lumpy and sweet.  So I thought I’d make my own!
I came across this recipe and modified a few things.  I used a bit of purple onion instead of shallots because I had one to use up.   I used only brown seeds instead of brown and yellow and added a bit of tumeric in the blending stage.

I followed the recipe and soaked everything together overnight in the fridge. It looked like this:

mustard soaking

The next step is to blend it all, which I tried to do in my food processor since it is sturdier than my blender.  I strained it and only put about a third of the liquid in- which was a very smart move! Using the food processor, however, was not.  The large blades just threw the seeds around, making them look like those little styrofoam balls dancing about inside a child’s play vacuum! After scraping it all into the mortar and chasing the seeds around without grinding many of them, I resorted to the blender.  The blades started to do their thing, although it took many pauses to scrape it all down off the sides again. Just as it was getting close to being smooth the blender stopped having fun.

Next time, I will make more than one batch to justify all the scraping and only put in a third of the liquid for soaking.  The mustard does taste good and it’s pleasantly Not sweet, but I will be trying a few more recipes before I settle on one.  If you have one of those wee mini-blenders for your food processor (the sort that you grind coffee in), this process will be a breeze! Tonight I’ll be making some rye bread to make the perfect sandwich!

mustard jar

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  1. Yummy! Looks great! I’d love to try your recipe sometime. My favorite type of mustard is champagne dill, it’s great with swiss cheese on stone wheat crackers!

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