Things for the Home

My sister and her partner (aka “Young Wifey” and “Hubster”) are coming to visit us on Tuesday!  They are staying several weeks and I’m really looking forward to showing them around.  Last time young wifey came to visit me in Scotland, she wasn’t a wifey and I lived in a tiny student flat with 5 others in St. Andrews…that was in 2003.

Add this visit to the reasons cited in my previous post and you’ll know I’ve been busy  tidying, decluttering and creating for the home.  Here are my most recent completed projects

We have been working on this rag rug for a long time.  Started in January 2008, it has stayed its current size for about a year.  We ran out of purple to complete that round and have used it as a hang-out spot ever since.  This week I talked to Partner (we both worked on it) and we decided that it was a perfect size already so I dug out some newly aquired purple, finished the round, and now it is complete! It is large enough for both of us to sit on the rug while playing games.

rainbow rag rug small

Next, is a hand towel I made using the Basket rib stitch on Ravelry.  Here is the link to the original pattern.  I cast on 74 stitches and made it just under 2 feet long because I think long rectangles stay on the towel rack better than shorter ones.

handknit handtowel

Last, is a wee heart rug I made one night to use up the red strips we had cut for the rainbow rug.  It is about 1.5 feet across and sits next to our bathtub.  I may expand it in the future but for now, I enjoy seeing a small red heart strewn on the floor.  It reminds me of red hearts candy.

Heart rug



  1. I love your rag rug. I have made one and I have one in progress, that I have been working on for almost 2 years. How are you able to keep the shape so well? Both of mine tend to have very “organic” edges.

    • Hi Missy,
      I’m not sure about the edges- do you mean in terms of laying flat? I increase regularly to try and make sure it does. I also gently pull it all out a bit when I’m finished to loosen the freshly made stitches, so maybe that’s it? Your t-shirt yarn looks fabulous so your rug must be on the right track!

  2. wow u are so talented! I wish i could make things like these…i do cross stitch a lot but have never had a go at things like this! BTW ‘wifey’ lol 🙂

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